Digital Revolution

Happy weekend to you all! Not that the weekends are wildly different to a weekday for most of us at the moment.

The sun continues to shine on Peewit, and the mischief of the (arguably underworked?!) inhabitants carries on.

Terry is diverting his attention to a promising career in Vlogging (please refer to the facebook page of one Elizabeth GM Smith for examples).

The film crew, gearing up for future episode

Christopher has commandeered the company mini digger and has already brought his reputation to the fore by breaking into the water supply to the entire site, causing us all to suffer an 18 hour stop in supply.

One somewhat soggy excavation

Chev has stepped up to the plate in potting on some of the 1200 plug plants that had been ordered by Georgette and Mick, prior to the lock down. Now please all be warned, that Chev has never before tried her hand at gardening. But at least, if all the plants fail, it won’t be for lack of enthusiasm.

Don’t worry, Chev is not one for photographs. There won’t be too many more!

On a similar gardening theme, there have also been discussions around the location for a few raised beds for veg production. We’ll test run it for you all whilst you’re away. Always at your service!

Another beautiful sky
No blossom yet……