You will all be aware of the proposed removal of the legal requirement to adhere to Covid restrictions from 19th July 2021.

It is really important to all of us at Peewit that we continue to follow a cautious and responsible approach to these changes, to make sure that our staff and customers feel safe and comfortable at the Park.

We ask that customers and visitors continue to observe the guidelines around hand washing, avoiding touching the face, maintaining a safe space between members of different households and looking to socialise outdoors as much as possible.

We will still be asking customers to wear a mask in reception, and the function room and shack remain closed.

The tourer toilets and showers will be open. Please continue to show courtesy towards other users by social distancing inside. We will be encouraging those who have their own facilities to make use of them, to help relieve the pressure on the toilet and shower block for those who don’t.

We thank you all, as ever, for your cooperation.

Reception is open but remember that we are set up so that all queries, gas bottle orders, payments, maintenance issues, and anything else can be dealt with on the telephone initially.

We apologise again for the inconvenience, but we must carry on taking measures to try and maintain the safety of our users.

Please respect and be patient with others who may be more anxious about the situation.

Thank you so much to all of you who have holidayed with us safely and responsibly so far in 2021. Our happy and helpful customers are the people who make us such a great Park.

Happy holidays everyone!